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Gentile consumatori, i nostri prodotti potrebbero contenere, anche se in quantità infinitesimali tracce di senape, poichè essa cresce tra le spighe di grano e non esistono tecnologie o strumenti che possano riconoscerla ed eliminarla. Stiamo già provvedendo ad aggiornare tutte le nostre etichette. Grazie per la collaborazione.

Pasta is produced from pure durum wheat semolina, water and no preservatives because it is the drying process of the product that gives it a natural shelf life. There are no added colourings therefore when looking at a bundle of spaghetti against the light we can see the brightness of the sun absorbed in the grain of wheat and released by the semolina.
By following these principles, for four generations the Pallante family has always been dedicated to its mission of providing a quality product.

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Since 1949 a
family story

Antonio Pallante Senior from the origins of the first production site the true founder of the pasta tradition of the family whereby he strongly claimed that we should never sacrifice quality for the volume.

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The current factory has grown substantially in time with important investments that have made a cutting edge in both production and quality control of the finished product itself.

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    Pastificio Antonio Pallante S.r.l.
    S.S. 87 Km 22 - 81020
    Capodrise (CE) ITALIA
    phone: +39 0823 516311