Pasta Reggia:
here is why!

Pasta is produced from pure durum wheat semolina, water and no preservatives because it is the drying process of the product that gives it a natural shelf life. There are no added colourings therefore when looking at a bundle of spaghetti against the light we can see the brightness of the sun absorbed in the grain of wheat and released by the semolina. By following these principles, for four generations the Pallante family has always been dedicated to its mission of providing a quality product. The experience gained in the pasta industry allows us to carefully select the grains that we use to make our pasta, we use a balanced mix of grains that take into consideration all the different characteristics of all the raw materials, our factory is also equipped with modern machinery which ensures the safety of our products during production. Only this combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies can guarantee that Pasta Reggia and other Pallante products are produced according to the best tradition of our region.

Life Style

Is not just a food model but a real lifestyle. Consuming products such as olive oil, pasta, fruits and vegetables, eating slowly, are some of the principles for which in 2010 the Mediterranean diet was declared by Unesco a humankind heritage. Various studies and researches have shown the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet for health and well-being, as well as the need for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and many more. To follow a Mediterranean diet means that every day you have a table full of smells, tastes and colours according to the seasons, without giving up tasty recipes using tasty healthy and genuine food.